In today’s competitive world of marketing, online marketing has become more competitive than ever, and so, cultivating a base of loyal customers is required. For marketers, branding is a major strategic issue as it is not simply naming a service, but adding an identity to the service beyond the one it has. Branding may include a name, slogan, symbol, design, or a combination that identifies the service/product from amongst its competitors.

For marketers who endeavor their BRAND to acquire power from its customers, Washtone Media can certainly help. We, at Washtone Media, build and nurture world class brands through a fresh and creative approach.

We have an expert team that excels in:

  • Brand research
  • Brand development
  • Digital media
  • PR

We embrace questions like ‘Why’ and ‘ What If’ from amongst our team members as well as from the clients, and then work towards the relevant ‘How’ to obtain great results. All our branding experts push for a better thinking and of course, best strategies.

We begin by defining a goal for each client. It is then that our team visualizes concepts and understands the symbolism of a brand prior to the actual design process. We understand the four marketing components necessary for the development of brand strategy:

  • Target customer/client
  • Competition
  • Product and Service mix
  • Unique Selling Proposition

Our expert team ensures that the brand includes each of the core components:

  1. Message is completely delivered
  2. Credibility is confirmed
  3. An emotional connection is formed between the target prospects and the product/service
  4. Buyer’s motivation to buy
  5. User loyalty creation

We, at Washtone Media, understand how a brand is the source of a promise to its customer, and so, we work towards aligning a marketing plan that not only works effective before the purchase, but is also concerned with the life of the brand and customer’s experience, by and large.