Does My Business Need a Blog?

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30Nov, 2018

As any modern business knows, having an online presence is essential to financial success. Web content drives your homepage up Google’s rankings, which brings more traffic and more potential customers to your website.

Many businesses, at first, choose to handle these operations on their own. Managers select a few good writers from their team to occasionally write and post fresh content, and then wash their hands of the task.

While posting some content is better than writing nothing whatsoever, outsourcing written work through a digital marketing company can improve your online presence. Here are just a few ways that professional blog writers can transform your business with quality content:

Content Writers are Experts in Their Field

Just as your business prides itself on having deep and relevant industry knowledge, content writers have dedicated their career to mastering the art of writing for the internet. While your employees may be able to write a blog or two about your business, professional blog writers know the strategies that keep readers reading. Better writing also makes your company seem more reputable, knowledgeable, and trustworthy.

Writers associated with an SEO company optimize content to improve your website’s rankings on Google. Moving up the rankings is important because, according to Search Engine Journal, the first organic website result receives about 32.5% of the traffic share. Search engine optimization helps guide your audience to the answers they seek on your website, and higher rankings means your website will enjoy more visibility, more traffic, and ultimately, more customers.

Outsourcing Content Provides Strategy and Clarity

Unless you have an in-house team of dedicated writers and marketers, chances are, your online content strategy is a bit unorganized. You may only post new information when your employees have extra time for tasks beyond their normal duties. Outsourcing writers can stop the cycle of putting off writing and editing to a mythical “better time.”

Outsourced writers will develop a specific publication schedule, so that your content is posted with clock-like regularity. Meeting deadlines is part of a writer’s creed, so you know that you’ll never have to worry about delayed posts or missed industry news opportunities.

Hiring a Digital Marketing Company Lets You Focus on What You Do Best

Keeping up with the fast-paced world of internet marketing takes a lot of work. As your business grows, you may find that your team no longer has time to manage all of the online facets of your services. Let experts handle your online presence, and consider hiring a digital marketing company.

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