How To Choose A Web Theme for Your Web Design

24Mar, 2016

To fully optimize on a website to attain the best results, one must improve on web design. Developing the web designs calls for some actions such as selection and modification of the strategy and the layout of the website. To build a beautiful internet site, choosing the most suitable theme is mandatory. Sadly, with the market swarming with thousands of free and paid themes, choosing the perfect web theme for a website can be overwhelming for beginners.

Fortunately, choosing a web theme needn’t always be challenging especially with the help of web design professionals such as WashTone Media, who are among the leading Boston web designers. Below are tips that will bring to light what you need to consider so you can choose the best theme for your website.

  1. Premium v/s Free Themes.

Truth be told, there are many great free themes. In fact, both premium and free themes have their ups and downs. However, recall that cheap is expensive. Free themes may be poorly coded. However, this does not imply that you should buy the most expensive web theme there is. However, premium themes have a lot to offer such as regular updates, better documentation, and unique designs and around the clock support.

  1. Speed & Responsiveness.

Responsiveness simply means that the theme will respond to any device. In short, the theme can adopt even when the website is being viewed on mobile devices. Choosing a template that is not mobile compatible is the same as committing business suicide. Also, make sure to pay attention to the page-loading speed. Always go for a theme that does not drag the website’s loading speed into the pit. Speed allows ease of use.

  1. SEO friendliness.

The theme that you select for your website plays a significant role in determining your site’s SEO friendliness. Some people may say that SEO is heading to the gutter but, SEO is not dead and is not dying. Making on-site SEO mistakes will adversely affect your site’s performance. This is why you must make sure that the theme you choose is optimized for SEO.

  1. Customization.

Strive for simplicity. For starters, choose a theme that is specific to your industry. Complicated templates scare away visitors, and not everyone needs or likes high-end features. Look for a theme that will support your goal. You will find that a simple, customizable theme is very beneficial especially in making your site look beautiful with little effort. The best web theme should be one that allows your users to find their way quickly around your website.

First impressions in the online world are critical. As a site owner, you only have a few seconds to impress a visitor and make him/her a customer. The web theme that you choose will define your website. Making the wrong choice when selecting a template will lead to you losing your visitors and, in turn, diminishing your online impact. So, to stay ahead of the game in the online world, give us a call at WashTone Media (Boston, MA) and let us do the heavy lifting for you.

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