Pay Per Click

PPC advertising is the most popular form of internet marketing today. Washtone Media PPC Management focuses on managing the effectiveness of bids, budget as well as media. Our experienced team of PPC experts offer advanced PPC software, extensive tuning and optimization services to all clients (based on their individual needs). Also, we offer a customized pricing structure to perfectly fit their needs, varying from search engine, advertising networks to content sites, blogs, forums, etc.

The services we offer are comprehensive and focus on Cost-Per-Action optimization management, while maintaining the budget (cost of single click is lowered in proportion to the return on that product). Our primary goal is to help advertisers maximize their ROI with least investment on PPC ads.

Our PPC services include:

  1. Defining campaign strategies
  2. Advanced keyword research and selection
  3. Creative development
  4. Identifying landing pages that really convert
  5. Implementing campaign conversion tracking
  6. Advertisement submission
  7. PPC account settings
  8. PPC bid management and ROI tracking
  9. PPC monthly analysis
  10. Campaign assessment and recommendations
  11. Creative testing and optimization
  12. Generating a monthly SEO ranking report


  • We assure immediate results.
  • Our main endeavor is to work on low, targeted investment for each of our clients.
  • Our experts work with geographic focus in PPC advertising/management.
  • We have a dedicated team of experienced and certified adwords professionals.
  • We offer real time tracking.
  • We use the most advanced tools/technology to control PPC campaigns.
  • We keep our clients updated with the progress of their PPC ads.

If you have current campaigns, PPC advertising with Washtone Media offers a 100% guarantee of improvement. We assure you that visitors will be actually brought to your site.