Spread Your Message: How Guest Posting Can Strengthen Your Organization’s Marketing

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08Jan, 2019

Believe it or not, Internet users read over 541,000 blog pages every passing minute.

You read that right. That’s every minute. Per day, they consume information off of almost 800 million blog pages!

What’s more, 60% of U.S. blog readers bought something after reading a post.

Imagine that. A six-in-ten chance of completing a sale because you offered valuable information.

That should be reason enough for your business to start blogging high-quality content!

But successful blogging isn’t limited to a website’s own blog page. This is especially true for newer businesses or blog sites, which people don’t know exists yet.

Enter guest posting.

No idea what it is and how it works? Don’t worry. We’ll delve into all these (and more) in this post.

Let’s get right into it then!

What is Guest Posting in the First Place?

So… What is a guest post?

First off, it’s a valuable strategy that can increase your site’s traffic and authority. People will get to know your site and what you have to offer. It’ll also lend more power to your SEO campaigns.

It’s pretty much the same as blogging, wherein you write articles of top-notch quality. The main difference is, these posts will appear on a different site and not on your site.

That’s why a key step on how to guest post the right way is to choose a well-established, high-ranking site. First, because you wouldn’t want the pieces you worked hard on to appear on shady sites, would you? Second, that site’s authoritativeness is what will contribute to the traffic you’ll get.

It’s for this reason you should choose a website relevant to your industry or niche! No matter how popular that site is, if it’s not related to your business, you’ll end up attracting the wrong crowd. That means site visitors who aren’t your target market.

There you have it! A 160-word explanation of what guest blogging is. Next up, we’ll take a closer look at how exactly it can boost your business’ marketing results.

A Powerful Link Builder

More than 40,000 — that’s how many search queries Google processes every second. In a day, that’s about a whopping 3.5 billion searches.

That said, you’d want to get on Google’s good side so that you have a chance of appearing on its search results. But writing fresh, informative, and interesting pieces can only take you so far.

True, content is still one of the three most important ranking factors of the search engine giant. But there are also the links that point back to your website (backlinks). The third one, by the way, is RankBrain, Google’s search AI technology.

That means content with backlinks help you meet two-thirds of Google’s ranking formula. Guest blogging allows you to do exactly that.

That’s because when you write a guest post, you can have a keyword/keyphrase with a URL back to your site. You hyperlink these words/phrases to, let’s say one of your blog pages. When a reader clicks on that hyperlink, they’ll find themselves on that URL.

That’s site traffic for you right there!

Depending on the content you curate, you can hyperlink to any other page on your site. Whether that’s the “About Us” page, the “Services” or “Products” page, or even the home page.

Greater Exposure for Your Website

A January 2018 Netcraft survey found that there are over 1.8 billion websites. Not all may be competing with you for the same target, but many of them still are.

So, how can yours even stand out? With that kind of competition, it seems impossible, right? But it’s doable, so long as you get your website exposed to as many people as possible.

Writing guest posts for high-ranking sites is one way to do that. After all, these sites already have established authority. In short, they already have quite the following.

As such, when your posts appear on these sites, more people (AKA the site’s followers) get to read them. If you did an awesome writing job, then they’re likely to click on that backlink for your site. Again, that’ll direct them to your site, where they can enjoy more great pieces from you.

Prove Your Expertise and Credibility

Becoming a guest blogger on popular, high-ranking sites lets you prove your expertise. You can showcase not only your writing prowess but your industry knowledge too. This’ll then help make you – and your business – look more credible.

Of course, you need killer content to show that you’re an expert. Especially when you’re writing about more “sensitive” stuff, like finance, health, and education. In general, that means citing reputable sources in each of your posts.

Those sources can be news sites, government sites, and research publishing sites. Websites of educational institutions and trustworthy forums are also great sources. The important thing is, they should be an industry authority too.

Keep in mind that more than 80% of online consumers in the U.S. trust the info they get from blogs. So, make sure you feed them factual or well-researched data.

Increase Your Social Media Presence

Guest blog posts also help make you more known on social media. If readers of the site you guest blogged for loved what you wrote, they’re likely to share it via social media. Again, since it’s posted on a trustworthy and popular site, they’re more likely to spread the word.

Keep in mind that there are over a billion Facebook users. There are also 326 million Twitter users active on the platform every month. That said, if they share you on these social media sites, you can gain even more exposure!

More Exposure, More Chances of Ranking High on Search Results

The greater the exposure of your guest blogs, the more chances you have of driving traffic to your site. Keep at it, and your website will gain more recognition and authority. All these contribute to Google (and other search engines) trusting your site.

Because search engines “trust” you more, they’re more likely to rank your website better. That means more chances of appearing on the first page of search results! You don’t want to appear after the first page since only 25% of Internet users check page two of SERPs.

Get Started on Publishing Your Guest Posts Now

As you can see, guest posting is a crucial element of online marketing. That’s why you shouldn’t delay having those high-quality pieces published ASAP. The sooner you start guest blogging, the more chances you have of driving traffic to your site.

We can help you start your journey as a guest blogger. Connect with us now so we can tell you more about how guest posts can change your site for the better!

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