What is Social Media Management?

04Jul, 2019

The spree and creativity of online postings are much shone in the younger generations of the era. Through and through according to the global population we have about 65.9% of creative’s all around the world, as they are aged between 15-64 of ages. Most of this creativity is used by people to follow their passion, their search for something new and this gave rise to ‘nearly 30 million small businesses only in The US’, according to the US Small Business Administration.

And now almost 52.4% of the global population has gone online and can thus be called the Global Online Population. You see a handsome % of youngsters and adults; that is we; are in the race of starting up your own unique business and are in search of an audience. We got a solution there too when more than half of the world’s population is online, one can easily target them with Social Media Marketing (SMM). Know the common myths about Social Media Marketing.

But if we see all old and young entrepreneurs are in need to handle their company’s social networks in order to attract a completely new and energetic crowd to their business. Gone are the old times when we have to know each thing about legal or other professional issues to make or break our business. When one can outsource a technician, he/she can also outsource a Social Media Manager. 

So businesses, whether they are big or small will need to manage content that is visual and written; all concerned with their business and their products and also be in constant touch and manage interaction with their loyal audience and customers over a Social Platform and hence do Social Media Management.

Here are some FAQs to take you through Social Media Management:

Q: How can Social Media benefit your Business?

A: The crux of social presence is to pick your business piece by piece and place it in front of your target audience, making them aware of your presence. It is called living in between them to provide the solution to their problems, and just like family, they are going to trust you. Know why your Social Media Campaign Is Failing.

Q: How do I manage all my Social Media Accounts?

A: We have one business and several branches and the extent of functioning is the thing that decides how many branches our social media tree is going to have. That makes it a work of management of social media accounts.

Flip Side of a Coin is the management of Multiple Social Media Accounts.

Flip Side 1 – It shows you all the positives of having social media pages and profiles. We make multiple accounts pertaining to the support branch of the company whether if we are in the service sector, or a sales branch, a marketing branch and the like. These branches help us in the following ways:

  • Segmented audience: Your audience will have a motive and hence follow the account that serves their purpose. The audience will segment in the various branches of your business and hence know you as a whole tree. Further additions to their needs will make them look upon your business and hence get your varied audience.
  • Location benefits: The geographical location of your business will target the audience of that area and hence get assured leads. This can also help you serve the unique needs of the people according to their location and environment. If you have a multi-location business then, go for multiple social accounts.
  • Topic-specific focus: Depending upon the varied audience that you are targeting one can make a topic-specific account that fulfills the needs of potential customers in that area. This makes it easy to tag and shoot out your content to the specific audience group.

Flip Side 2 – While multiple accounts have benefits in various fields, managing them is also equally difficult, and therefore comes the flip side of multiple social media accounts for your business. The branches are a con to us in the following way:

  • Fans getting confused: If your business is particularly small and it has branches, then the fans and the audience in particular on the platform will get confused in the segmentation of your business and eventually decide to move on from your business.
  • Work tight: Segmenting the business especially for really small things can not only turn back the customers but also makes it a tiresome work for the departments of the company. Already segmentation that was needed is hard to manage as the company has to collaborate with each department for social updates.
  • Heck to Manage Branding: Social managers already keep switching tools all day and they will need as much helping hands as much is the social media branched. Branding won’t be consistent with the multiple social media account management.

Till now you have understood that managing the wide audience and multiple branches of the business are the need of the hour and if you ask me, how I will manage all my social media accounts pertaining to my business? There is just one way, to hire social media managers to minimize the clutter and reap the most benefit out of it.

Q: How will Social Media Managers help me with Social Media Management?

A: Below mentioned is what you can achieve through Social Media Management:

  • Manage all the branches of your social media accounts pertaining to your business.
  • Analyze your social performance.
  • Schedule your next move on a particular social media platform.
  • Ready-made comprehensible reports of your performance.
  • Keep tabs on your social performance.
  • Peacefully generate content with your Team Members

So, Social Media Managers can help you by doing the following for you.

  • Optimum utilization of time: By scheduling the posts well in advance the managers are capable of making each second of the day worth that you had to devote to your business.
  • Increase Authority: By posting at the multiple times of the day and the peak hours on Instagram and other social media platforms, it all increases authority by doing the right kind of social media influencer marketing.
  • Innovative campaigns: As I told you at the start about the creative spree of the generation, social media managers will be creative in each social media campaign.
  • Understanding your audience: Setting a target audience and audience you actually receive vary and through the analysis done by your social media manager is how you understand social media marketing.
  • Maintain Brand’s Reputation: Social Media Manager is the person that manages your Social Media and is hence responsible for what to throw out to potential customers and the rest of the audience and hence responsible for the brand’s reputation.

Q: What is Social Media Management Tool?

A: So for those who think it is not much of a work handling their social media accounts as they are not much branched, they can just like the social media managers use a Social Media Management Tool to run the Social Marketing campaigns successfully.

Social Media Management Tools are the software designed for you and your social media manager that allows you to access and publish on all social networking accounts using one interface. You cannot only publish but also comment back and interact with the users from the same platform. Also, your team can work together and manage various social media platforms through one platform.

You just need to find the right social media management tool and get started. For that, if you say you have to log-in to Stacker then, you must simply log-in over their official website, and then connect all your social media variants with the platform. Stacker has the following features:

  • You will just have to put the content and the platform will automatically schedule postings for the day.
  • You will be enabled to access to all incoming and outgoing messages from the connected social media platforms to Stacker.
  • After that all is set what is left is to make an insightful report of all day’s postings, the Social media management tool will take care of that too. It will make an insightful report on all the posting and hence you will receive detailed analytics for all your social media accounts.
  • Well for some businesses multiple social media accounts have to be managed and Stacker has a way to manage multiple social accounts. One can publish, reply and track performance across all social media accounts.
  • Share via any web Browser extension. If you wish to share any photograph or video that you came across while browsing the web, be it on any search engine, you can easily post it by using an extension of the social media management tool.
  • The software is compatible with all sorts of devices.
  • You can easily invite your team over the social media management tool software and work with your team. This enables you to be in touch with the whole lot team to be able to post and manage effectively.

You can hence see for yourself the work of a social media management tool and besides Stacker, there is much amazing software in the market and over the web. The once that have been awarded number 1 and those that provide the best customer satisfaction and those who have a small or big market presence but are best in their own way.

Some examples of such platforms are Sprout Social, Hootsuite, TweetDeck, AgoraPulse, Sendible, Viralheat, Buffer, GroSocial. As mentioned some are leaders but pricey and who knows the price we pay for it is not even worth that, some are free only for specific social media platforms and the like.

The right kind of Social Media Management Tool has the following features:

  • Easy to use
  • Fits your budget especially comes with a free trial
  • Offers flexibility to manage all your social media accounts
  • In-depth Analytics are provided

There is always a flip side and some disadvantages of the Social media Management Tools too. Let’s have a look at what not to expect from the Social Media Management Tool Software.

  • Social media Management Tools are expensive.
  • Social media Management Tools lack spam filtering of the messages and audience over a particular Social media platform.
  • Social media Management Tools lacks in qualitative analysis.
  • Social media Management Tools involve risk when managed on an individual basis.

Q: What is the best and free Social Media Marketing Management Tool and why? 

A: The search continues as we find the best and free Social media Management Tool for trying out the management of our social media accounts. Try WashTone, it is one of the best Social media Management Tool that is free. It makes all social media channels available on a single dashboard so that the user can experience improved engagement and management of their social media accounts.

WashTone has all you need right now to start small; to take a baby step and easy user interface lets you do social media management effectively. Some of the features that one can experience on washtonesocial.com are:

  • WashTone helps you track your Digital Presence. One can keep tabs on the trending hashtags and content to enhance their postings and become an influencer marketing hub amongst your potential audience
  • WashTone helps you have good exposure and connect to key influencers in the market. We all just need the thing – social media influencer marketing to grow our business.
  • WashTone schedules your engaging content just the right time on specific social media platforms. To post at the right time when the customer or the potential audience is online is very beneficial for one’s business.
  • One single login on WashTone and you can start right away without any hassle.
  • You can create amazing image posts and content with WashTone to deliver it to your audience.

Social Media Marketing has taken over the global population and has hence opened great opportunity doors for your business to grow. This is the time folks, that we do Social Media Management for all Social Media Platforms branches that are capable of bringing our business to life.

Social Media Management can shake the business from its roots to make or break our business. All we need is the right kind of influencer marketing agency or influencer marketing software that enables you or your social media manager to correctly set the business on the paths of profit.

If you have a small business and wish to run all your social media accounts all by yourself, then start with the social media management tool that helps you start; which helps you little by little on the path of success and you reap profits out of the social media interactions. After all main motive is to interact with a wider audience to reap benefits out of it.

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